About us

The Power of Press Release is only matched by its flexibility

Welcome to Edapebaf.com congratulations on finding your way here as thousands of others have before you! After more than thirty years in business and most of that in marketing I am now reducing my work load but not retiring, that means that I am mostly taking consultancy work for marketing agencies, large international or national brands and some academic work too – however I remain active and like to consider all projects so please do contact me with details of your projects. After so many years I still enjoy to advise and assist colleagues in a wide range of industries any way I can. Also I have a huge network of professionals that I can connect you with who will be pleased to assist you, many many people contact me to ask how i can help them to grow organic traffic, so for those that are interested I highly recommend that you contact Jon at LocalAdworks) We have used this agency and referred many clients and they will never fail you, in fact, they provide an affordable SEO service that has been successful when many other more expensive agencies have failed

…Edapebaf how it all happened

Many years ago, respectably early in my career I came to understand that brands, markets and even demand to a large extent were manufactured by people and marketing almost at will, with some thought, planning and by following some “rules” The whole concept of EdapeBaf started a quite frivolous experiment also, I wanted to prove using a completely made up name that I could create something of value – a brand with an identity. It was fun and thrilling because it worked not just by confirming what I believed but also the “experiment” took on it’s own life and taught me so much more than I never expected. Over time it became a “thing” and in the industry it’s association with my name created value and my name and work in return created value for the brand, expectations and reputation are such a powerful force for professional progress. In short I would like to say that the total result was far in excess of the sum of the parts! I wish you well in making your new realities and hope that you will contact me to discuss your ideas.